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AC Regas Northwich
AC Regas air conditioning recharge service specialists in Northwich

CVM Garage AC Regas air conditioning in Northwich. Prices start from just £45 + VAT.

AC Regas Northwich / air con regas / air conditioning recharge service in Northwich . Is your air con not feeling as cold or not working at all? Chances are it may just need a service or regas of the air conditioning system (air con / AC)

AC Regas Northwich with CVM Garage

Air condition Service Northwich

Here at CVM Garage we are an authorised air con / AC air conditioning service and regas specialist. At CVM Garage Northwich MOT Service Centre We use the very latest Brain bee AC regas service system to not only regas your system , but also leak test with UV inspection, pressure and vacuum test, and most importantly inject the necessary oil quantity to ensure you AC works to its optimum efficiency not just for today but for years to come.

Did you know some companies refill your AC system from an aerosol can?

This is actually correct,  some companies will only refil the system from an aerosol can and don’t inject the necessary graded PAG oil which ensures your compressor and valves blocks stay lubricated. Failure to do this correctly will cause failure.

The Air con or AC system in your vehicle is a complicated high pressure system which does require servicing and maintaining correctly. Visit us here at CVM Garage Northwich to have your system checked over to ensure everything is working correctly.

We’re Environmentally safe and responsible.

AC Regas Northwich safe

We safely recover all of the gases from you AC system and where possible recycle, store or dispose of these correctly and according to the EU standard safety compliance order.

Air Con Service recharge regas prices and cost.

Prices start from £40 for a full air con / AC system check and regas and usually takes 1 hour to complete. You will also receive a full print out and report of the service.

air conditioning recharge service in Northwich Cheshire.

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